What Is a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgage, and Should You Consider It?

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Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (JBSP) may sound complicated, but it simply means your loved ones are helping you acquire a mortgage. This blog discusses JBSP mortgage, how the joint sole proprietor mortgage works, people allowed for a JBSP mortgage, and why you should consider the mortgage.

Since property prices are soaring and newbie purchasers are increasing, a JBSP mortgage is a good choice for future buyers. The joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage, also known as JBSP, is how a family friend or member can help you have higher affordability without giving out cash. It means you are the house owner, but people can help you with mortgage repayments to meet the affordability needs. Hence the JBSP is an ideal option for individuals who cannot buy their first home due financial deficiencies.

Understanding the Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgage (JBSP)

JBSP mortgage allows up to four individuals to purchase a home together. However, only one person will be the homeowner. Most parents prefer the JBSP to help their children acquire property. It may also be used by friends or siblings who want to help one of them acquire a home. In the JBSP mortgage, all borrowers are responsible for mortgage repayment, lowering the lender’s risk. Also, this joint liability means that if one individual cannot make the repayments, the rest will cover the entire amount. Hence, taking the JBSP mortgage with someone you trust and know their financial affairs is advisable. Mortgage holders in JBSP do not have their names on the title deeds, and legally they cannot claim the property or an increase in its value. This mortgage is a good option if you are thinking of assisting someone you care about in acquiring a bigger property or if they want to own one. When the deal period ends and there are no early repayment charges, the sole owner can change the mortgage to their name.

How the JBSP Mortgage Works

In the JBSP mortgage:

  • Lenders first scrutinize the borrowers: The borrowers’ expenses and income are checked to measure their affordability.
  • Borrowers must meet the lender’s needs which include; age limits and credit worthiness. Most mortgage providers require applicants not more than 70 years, although some lenders set the age limit at eighty years.
  • Missing payments can affect the credit profiles of mortgage holders since they are responsible for payments. The vital difference with the JBSP mortgage is that one of the borrowers who end up being the sole proprietor is listed on the house ownership title deed. Most lenders prefer these individuals to reside in that property.
  • In the JBSP mortgage, parents or loved ones who are not interested in the interests are allowed to exit the arrangement when the sole proprietor can pay the JBSP mortgage solely.
  • This mortgage contains benefits for stamp duty. It means that if you purchase a property with an individual who owns one, the purchase attracts second home stamp duty, which is at three percent rate currently. The JBSP product does not attract this charge because the buyer is listed as the ultimate owner.
  • The JBSP Mortgage contains income protection insurance; you can cover your bills if you become ill or lose your job.

People Allowed to get the JBSP Mortgage

Any individual with a good income can acquire this mortgage. However, lenders prioritize the following conditions:

  • Age limit: Most lenders prefer borrowers who are not more than seventy years; if the mortgage term is twenty-five years, the highest age is around fifty to fifty-five. However, various lenders are flexible regarding age limits.
  • Some lenders do not accept the application if the individual helping you pay the mortgage lives on the same property.
  • Most lenders consider the current commitments of the parties involved. It means that if the person supplementing your income has a high mortgage or a big loan to settle, it affects the amount of money they can give to help you buy the mortgage.

Why You Should Consider Joining JBSP Mortgage

Below are the benefits of getting the JBSP mortgage:

Avoidance of Stamp Duty

The homeowner’s name is listed on the title deed; this enables the other enlisted borrowers to avoid the cost of stamp duty.

It Helps You up the Ladder

Boosting your mortgage income means that you will increase the affordability of your property. The homeowner can purchase the property sooner as the deposit amount is lowered.

It Helps You Get Affordable Mortgage Deals

The JBSP mortgage helps the buyer acquire more but with lower interest rates. It leads to affordable deals, and the repayments are more manageable, unlike taking out a ninety-five percent mortgage, normally with higher interest rates.

What You Need to Consider before Taking the JBSP Mortgage

Before taking the JBSP mortgage, you should consider the following tips:

Take Legal Advice

All parties involved should take legal advice. Taking a mortgage debt without any property rights is not advisable. Some lenders prefer that all parties should have taken legal advice before taking the mortgage debt.

Future Planning

The parties involved should agree on how and when the non-proprietors will stop paying for the mortgage and what should happen if one borrower can’t pay.

Take Out Insurance

Income protection insurance ensures that repayments are made if one individual is ill, loses work, or can’t pay anymore.

Consider Various Types of Mortgages

The JBSP mortgage is one of the many ways you can help your loved one acquire a home. However, a guarantor mortgage could be more effective depending on your circumstances. Hence it would be best if you researched all the other options available.


If you want to purchase a new property without enough funds, consider a JBSP mortgage. The product enjoins your loved ones to pay off the debt and make you the sole owner. However, before taking the JBSP, you should seek legal advice. You should also check the age limit demanded by your lenders to confirm whether it can work for you. While the JBSP product is an effective method to service a mortgage, compare it with other products.

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